Premium Rogers Super Stock with Buffer Tube Kit And TSG Lower Parts Kit

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The Rogers Super-Stock Deluxe rifle stock RSS is the ultimate refinement in AR/M4 stock technology.The patented cam-lock system completely removes any slop or play inherent with collapsible stocks. Once the desired stock position has been selected, the stock can be locked down solid simply by depressing the cam-lock lever upward. Pressing the quick-release lever will disengage both the cam-lock, and detent pin, allowing you to quickly readjust the stock position.Comes with removable recoil pad and Quick Detach port installed (QD swivel not included).
Fits: Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes
Material: Glass-filled and non-glass-filled Nylon blends
Length: 6.75"
Width: 5"
Weight: 7.3 oz.

  •        Milspec Buffer Tube  
  •         Buffer 3 OZ
  •         Buffer Spring
  •         Steel End Plate
  •         Steel Castle Nut

Tactical Solutions Group AR-15 Standard LPK

AR-15 Standard Lower Receiver Parts Kit

Manufacture: Tactical Solutions Group

Made In USA

Complete Kit Includes:

  Standard AR-15 Pistol Grip (Black)

    Standard Trigger Guard

    Semi Trigger

    Semi Hammer

    Semi Disconnector

    Semi Selector

    Bolt Catch Spring

    Detent Spring

    Bolt Catch Buffer

    Take Down Detent

    Bolt Catch

    Magazine Catch Spring

    Bolt Catch Roll Pin

    Magazine Catch Button

    Magazine Catch

    Front Pivot Pin

    Hammer Spring

    Trigger Spring

    Pistol Grip Screw

    Pistol Grip Lock Washer

    Selector Spring

    Detent Selector

    Hammer Pin

    Trigger Pin

    Take Down Pin

    Buffer Retainer Pin

    Buffer Retainer Spring

    Disconnector Spring

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