7.5" Contour 300 Blackout Barrel

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300 Blackout Barrel - 7.5" 1:8 Twist

  • Length: 7.5”
  • Chambered: .300 BLK (AAC Blackout)
  • Twist Rate: 1:8 Twist
  • .750” gas block diameter
If you already have a AR-15 chambered in .223/5.56 then a simple barrel swap will make your AR shoot 300 AAC, the same BCG (bolt carrier group) and magazines can be used from the .223/556.
This 7.5” barrel is excellent for tactical close quarter combat but be aware of the gas pressure concussion.
This barrel has a tread pitch of 5/8x24 to add a muzzle device.
Please refer to your local state law before purchasing.

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