F5 MFG MODULAR Soda Can Launcher - Black Includes Golfball/Net/Smoke Canister attachment

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Part Number:2A-F5-CAN-ATTCMNT

Soda Can launcher by F5 MFG.  Does not include dust cover or forward assist.

Stripped Upper – AMERICAN MADE – F5 MFG is the OEM – LONG version (12?). AR-15 Soda Can Launcher – launching device for soda cans and other objects. Launch full, un-opened 12oz cans of whatever you want!. When used with standard mil spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105+ yards! This soda launcher INCLUDES the golfball/flare/net attachment.  The golfball/net/canister attachment is knurled on the end so it can be removed/unthreaded by hand to use the can launcher.

Launching device for a multitude of objects. Net and smoke canister are being designed and tested.

***NOTE***  X Products LLC Can Cannon accessories are not officially support to fit the F5 Soda Launcher, so there is no guarantee that items like the Grappling Hook, etc. will fit or function properly with the F5 Soda Launcher. 

Manufacturer F5 MFG
Condition New
Material Aluminum
Fits AR-15

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