Plum Crazy Polymer Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver Gen II

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Based off a Billet Aluminum design where all others are of a less superior Forged design, ours are reinforced in all areas of concern and the strongest available on the market bar none! Has an internal pocket radius in the GEN 2 design toward the rear of trigger which eliminated the back strap from breaking. Has a Reinforced water line on our receiver, all others do not have this upgrade. They are impervious to gasoline, acid, acetone, kerosene, and will not break after being dunked in liquid nitrogen and thrown onto a concrete floor unlike aluminum shatter! - These can handle up to 500 degrees and in the summertime, they are not hot to touch like aluminum receivers! - They are lighter than aluminum and can be run over at the mag-well where aluminum will be crushed and rendered useless!
If you scratch ours they retain color and also a little WD-40 and some green scratch pad removes the scratch.
Our fire controls require no lubrication whatsoever, The castle nuts do not need to be torqued, or staked as they are factory torqued with blue Loctite, and will not come loose.

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